Bassano Ensemble Berlin – Historical Brass Ensemble

Comprised of cornets and sackbutts, the Bassano Ensemble Berlin derives its name from the Venetian cornettist Giovanni Bassano (1550 -1617) who led the instrumental ensemble at the Basilika di San Marco in Venice.  The Bassano Ensemble Berlin is focused on the revitalisation of music from the 16th and 17th centuries – the prima- and secunda practica.

Bassano Ensemble BerlinThe ensemble is based on the standard Italian instrumentation of 2 cornets, 3 trombones and organ which can be expanded with additional reeds and strings if required.  The brass sound is particularly suited as a supplement to vocal ensembles.  The BEB’s repertoire spans from the polyphonic works of old masters – Josquin to Palestrina – to the instrumental repertoire of 17th century European music, especially focusing on Italian forms such as canzona, sonata and dance.

The players from the Bassano Ensemble Berlin are also members of renowned early music ensembles such as Musica Fiata Cologne, Ensemble Ventosum Paris, Oltremontano, Lautten Compagney Berlin, La Fenice Paris, Johann Rosenmüller Ensemble, Ecco la Musica as well as various Baroque orchestras such as the Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin, Freiburger Barockorchester, Elbipolis Barockorchester Hamburg among others.